Derbyshire Health United Visit

Q – Why when a caller is so anxious for a decision or help are there so many questions asked by the adviser?

A – It is necessary to obtain this information in order to deliver a safe diagnosis and the appropriate treatment or advice.

Q-What happens if the computer system fails?

A – Yes it can happen and can be dealt with. We have our own Information Technology department who would deal with the problem. The call handlers at the centre would still be able to receive the calls and work through a manual protocol and use the appropriate care pathways required. This does take longer. If serious an ambulance could be called. If the problem is not resolved another call centre in the area is available to take the calls as required or until the problem is resolved.

Q – Is the information obtained by the call adviser shared with anyone else, such as a clinical nurse adviser or doctor?

A – Yes, with the patient’s permission.

Q – How does the service provide for different communities, cultures and ethnic origins?

A – The information technology system has type talk text for different languages.
Interpreters are available on request and service users can request to speak to a
male/female adviser and chaperones are available if required in certain situations.

Q – What happens if someone gets cross or frustrated during the call to the 111 service and refuses to wait or follow the protocol being used by the call adviser?

A – This does happen especially when people are being asked to answer questions when they are ill and need help. We are trained to deal with these situations and sometimes callers do not want to wait or take our advice and end the call. We then have to record they have exited from the system.

Q – How do you ensure that you have enough call handlers to take the calls 24 hours 7 days a week?

A – Staffing levels are monitored and staff work on a rota system which if flexible where different levels of advisers/doctors cover the service. During bank holidays when the service is usually more busy as GP Surgeries are closed staffing levels are increased and there is the availability to call more staff in as required.