Rights and Responsibilities

Patient’s Rights

The doctors, nurses and staff at Mickleover Surgery are committed to providing our patients with the best possible service.  We will do our best to ensure that:

  • Patients will be treated with courtesy and respect.
  • We will inform patients of the services provided by the practice.
  • All aspects of the patient’s visit to the practice will be dealt with in privacy and in confidence.
  • Patients will be involved in decisions taken about their treatment and care. We will provide a full explanation of treatment and advice offered.
  • Where patients are kept waiting for more than 30 minutes an explanation will be given.
  • We will provide repeat prescriptions, where appropriate, within 2 working days of a request.
  • Patients may expect to receive advice on lifestyle improvements to promote good health
  • Patient complaints will be handled in accordance with the practice complaints procedure and will be followed-up promptly.

Patient Responsibilities

  • To treat the doctors and practice staff with respect and courtesy. Remember they are trying to help you.
  • To attend appointments on time and ensure that adequate notice of cancellation is given. Missed appointments waste time and can cause a delay for other patients who need to be seen. Patients arriving late for their appointment may be asked to make another appointment.
  • When attending a consultation remember that the time routinely allocated is 10 minutes.
  • To ensure that an appointment is made for each family member who needs to be seen. Each appointment with a healthcare professional at the practice is made for one person only
  • Where a specialist referral has been made patients are expected to attend the appointment or to cancel it if the condition has resolved or the appointment is no longer needed.
  • Avoid calling the practice during the morning to obtain test results or make routine enquiries.
  • Inform the practice of any change of address or telephone number.